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Thread: A few questions

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    A few questions

    Yes, I am a so called newb when it comes to colocation. But I have read 14 pages of this forum and have a few questions.

    I will be using my colo to move some of my clients off of my dedicated server. I run my own forums for my family, java chat, and file transfers for my buisness. The CLients I have do not use much bandwidth <10gb a month. I suspect that to begin with I could get away with ~1000gb a month (I do alot of file xfers).
    I am not looking to make any money this is a hobby for me and I want to have controll of my own hardware that is why I am getting out of the dedicated. I want to stay below $150.

    Now my questions... (For all you guys that are going to say don't do it your a newb, this is not something I am going to do tomorrow. I will not undertake this till I feel comfortable that my few customers will be taken care of)

    1. When they say 1000gb bandwidth do they mean out/in total or is it just out?

    2. Should I be looking at a 10mbps line or would 1-5 be ok.

    3 Firewall.. This may sound stupid but it is an idea.. Couldn't I just stick a small NAT router (desktop type)on the back of my box (it is a mini tower) and use it as the firewall?

    4. Is it best to get the CP from them or should I invest in DA or Plesk? I know Cpanel whm makes things easy but I like DA layout and usablilty.

    5 Remote OS installs.. I will be using FreeBSD 5.3 so what are my options for remote install (hopefully it won't be neccessary)?

    6. I know I need to configure the box to boot w/o the need to push the power button. But what other things should I make sure are set right in the BIOS.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions. I already have a box with Freebsd loaded with a control panel for testing in my home network.

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    1. It depends on the provider.
    2. 1-5Mbps would be ok, but if you are doing file transfers I would imagine you would want to be able to burst to 10Mbps.
    3. Most providers should be ok with that, depending on how much space it takes up.
    4. I'd get DA if you are looking for a lower price, I believe you can get an account directly with them and get pricing close to $15/month.
    5. You may want to go with a provider who offers KVM over IP, and when just leave the FreeBSD CD-ROM in the drive. Before shipping just make sure boot from the HD is the first option in the bios, and when you need to do a reload just hook up the KVM and make the CD-ROM the first boot device.

    It may be more economical to get a dedicated server, especially if you are only going with 1 server, and require 1000GB Bandwidth.
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