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    Hi, some time back I brought the domains..., & .net, with the intention to develop the site as jamster already has plans to release a second tune by the frog. Unfortunately, time has become restricted & therefore I am looking to sell the domains. What do you think of these domains?

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    The domain name itself is too long I think. I do not really much value in it, unless it is developed and attracts traffic.
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    I definatly agree with the domain name! That thing needs to be locked up.
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    haha, nice idea! I thought it was funny when I saw the "if you laugh at this F1 car you're mad"...i even though the frog animation was a great addition....but when you see it 1001 times in MTV and other channels you start to get annoyed and [more] grumpy.
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    Erm, the domain sounds anti-Crazy Frog to me, yet you're selling the ringtones on the site?

    Appraisal: No value without traffic.

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    No value, funny idea though..

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