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    ftp keep stalling? timeout even though files still being uploaded

    One of my clients having problem in uploading files. The connection would stall or stop (timeout) even though files are being uploaded.

    I tried switching between pure/proftpd but no luck.

    150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for default_invoice.htm
    3826 bytes sent successfully. (3.74 KB/s) (00:00:01).
    Connection closed. Timeout (20s).
    Command aborted. Timeout (20s).

    Any idea?

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    If they are the only one having a problem, ask them if they are using DSL. If they are ask them if they are using PPPoE to connect to DSL (they will know because they usualy have to put a username/password into their router during install - which they may have forgot they did - or have PPPoE software on the computer connect to the internet.)

    With PPPoE they have to lower their MTU settings to 1492, if I remember correctly.
    More via Google (2nd link seems good)

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