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    Want to buy your web hosting business

    We are in the market again to acquire small sized hosting businesses with annual revenues between $10,000 - $90,000 a year

    We will pay generously for your company and will take good care of your clients needs. We've been in the hosting business for 5 years and all our customers are completely satisfactied with us. We'll be more than happy to provide references upon further discussion.

    If you're thinking to sell your hosting company, please send me an email to: [email protected]

    We are looking for the companies that MEET these criteria:

    1) Has been active in hosting business for around 1 year

    2) Offering reasonable price plans (NO UNLIMITED bandwidth/space) and no plans under $5/mo

    3) MOST customers pay by Credit Card and you have the card holder information (credit card #, billing info, expiry)

    4) Most customers must be on monthly plans

    4) LESS THAN 20% of customers are paying through PayPal or if more, you'd be willing to hand over the PayPal account.

    5) For large transactions, you must have a business lawyer to act on your behalf.

    We will pay cash and can close quickly, if you're looking to sell, we're looking to buy!

    Send us your interest to: [email protected] or call me directly: 613-884-4256

    Thank you,

    Reliability Performance Integrity

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    i want to sell my clients quickly please pm me

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    Hello , i need to sell my clients

    pls send pm .

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    Why dont you guys start a selling thread?
    Ive been looking through this forum for the past 2 weeks to purchase clients .
    But it seems every one else is too.

    Im only new and I have no idea how to contact anyone.

    I cant post, Icant PM and Icant email.
    So I guess ill just have to leave a whole heap of pointless replies to get my rating up. is that about right??

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    You only need five posts to PM email etc. - 2 to go
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    Thanks, 1 to go

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    why is everyone selling their clients?

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