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    Hosting directory template from $225 add banners & domain

    I have this template designed. It has not been coded yet, but once it sold I'll make it HTML or PHP pages (homepage & content).

    Preview :

    It will be included :
    - PNG files (Macromedia Fireworks) converted to PSD if you want to.
    - FLA & SWF (if you need the header to be animated)
    - Pages with HTML or saved as PHP.
    - CSS file
    - Resell rights
    - Sold only once

    bids from $225 buy out $350

    I'll add the domain ( & once designed banners for your members. (I'll do one time design for all of those banners placed on home page - there would be 5 banners)

    bids from $300 buy out $400

    This design was designed by me for my own hosting directory, but I'm kind of busy right now to run it and I wanna see if I'm lucky to sell this design here, but if I'm not that lucky, I might use it for myself again .

    Payment by 2co (credit card)

    Thank you.

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    Very clean and pro design. Congrats and good luck!
    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't touch this!

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    Thanks tuwebfacil for your nice comments

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    Thanks yea722

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    Good work
    best of luck!

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    Originally posted by Andrew-Jr
    Good work
    best of luck!
    Thanks! I need that luck

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    nice design! good luck with the sale

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