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    cPanel FTP account quotas

    Hey, is this a bug or what, but I have made an FTP account using cPanel, and for quota I set 250 MB. However, this specific user, when viewing the FTP accounts page on cPanel, is using almost 500 MB of space, which is far over the limit I specified.
    To be exact it says:
    488.58/250.00M 196% used

    I am using Pure-FTPd and the latest cPanel/WHM.

    Any ideas?

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    should help

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    I think this would fit better in the technical forum, but in any case I believe quota checks are run once a day. A person can go over his/her quota within that time, but will be suspended (if they are set to be suspended at the limit) when the quotacheck is run.
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    Thanks for tips.

    Well, I ran the scripts and it still doesn't work.
    By the way, I am not talking about the cPanel accounts going over their limit, but the individual FTP accounts that cPanel account owners have setup themselves.

    If I am not mistaken, fixquotas and such only fixes quotas of the cPanel accounts, but not every sub FTP account's.

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    Have you checked the configuration file for the FTP account?If this file has the correct settings,you would get a 'Quota Exceeded' message.Probably this file is corrupted or missing.

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    I have got a one question
    which config is best for FTP and quota problem?
    I have same problem on whm

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    I highly doubt you can set quota for FTP accounts as they are virtual FTP accounts. Even if it gives you the option to set quota, I think it just being put there and displayed. If it does work, please let me know ~

    The FTP usage count towards your cpanel account disk usage ~

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    I've just searched and found out that pure-FTPd support virtual user disk quota... so probably does what you need ~

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