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    help to me about

    do you know about this uk hosting company?
    i want a reseller pakage

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    Well. I have a reseller package with them, however, I'm moving. Once I complete my move I may do a review on here. But to help you. Here is why I'm moving:

    I dont get a very good feeling about them. I have been with them for over a year. Altough only really had 1 major downtime, and a few smaller ones. Formally known as Mark1hosting. They changed their name and site ages ago, yet half of their website still does not work. (broken links, and non-existent pages) Doesn't fill me with confidence!! Their support has been ok. Takes normally a few hours though!! Although, they have answered questions into the night.
    I am moving because I can get more features and better support, a complete website and a better feeling of a company that means business.

    Sorry If it doesnt make sense. If u want any more info, then please ask.

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    thank you
    i think their price is good but support is very late
    what is your suggest for reseller in europe(uk) simillar price but better support and pakage?

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