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    1G Space + 100G Transfer =$10/mo brings you the coolest download server!

    No Fuss, no non-sense

    Plan is as simple as this

    1G Space + 100G Transfer =$10/mo

    Add it up as much as you like

    e.g. 10G+1000G transfer = $100/mo

    All plan with unlimited FTP ,Eemail , Subdomains, but NO SQL for best server resource usages

    Company url:
    Contact me at [email protected] for any questions

    This special is NOT on our website, be sure to contact me before you purchase

    we accept Paypal or CC from paypal

    Quantity is LIMITED - Ultimate Download Service

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    If this is intended for downloads, is there a test file to prove how speedy it is?

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    I have PMed you - Ultimate Download Service

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