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    Meta Keywords.. How many Keywords is too Much

    I have a question I hope someone can answer here..

    Currently I have a problem in the search engines if I do a search for my site name directly it comes up on top but if I search for my main product keywords that are in my meta tag I can never find my site not even in the first 50 pages of search engine listings.

    I noticed that one of my competitors has only 2 keywords in his meta tag for his site while another has probably 50 keywords each of the different products he has.

    So my question is this.. Is there a limit to how many keywords you can put in the meta tag or should I be putting all my products that I want to pop up in the search in there rather than just the main product.

    After all I want people searching for any of my products to find my site easily.

    I want to not put too many keywords if it is something that spiders will skip over.

    Is there any rule to the max keywords in that meta tag ?

    Thanks much for any tips on this.

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    are you talking about the meta keywords tag?

    the meta keywords tag is generally ignored by most of the major search engines that you need to worry about. (Google, Yahoo! & MSN).

    make sure you label each and every page on your site related to the content of that page.

    eg; say you offer sony dvd burners, you will have a dedicated sony dvd burner page at label the title <title>Your Company - Sony DVD Burners</title>

    <meta name="description" content="Our company offers a variety of sony dvd burners online for purchase">

    try and make sure you have a heading on that page <strong><h1>Sony DVD Burners</h1></strong> & content related to sony DVD burners.

    Do some keyword research at the likes of

    alt tag your logo or an image on that page alt="Sony DVD Burners">

    look to submit to a few directories, start at

    submit to and consider a yahoo directory listing.

    wait and see what happens.

    SEO is trial & error, adjust accordingly and keep at it.
    SEO ain't rocket science, alot of it is common sense. Apply that common sense then you should be right.

    Good luck with it.
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