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    Dual 2.8 Xeon 4GB 5 x 73GB SCSI R5

    Hi, we currently have a DELL Dual 2.8 Xeon server with 4GB of ECC DDR memory and five 73gb 15k RPM hd's on a raid 5. The drives are hot swappable so we can replace a drive on the fly without any interruption in your service. The server is in the XO data center in Fremont California, and comes with 2000GB of monthly data transfer on a 100mbit port(1000 in and 1000 out). We are looking for around 599/mo, or best offer if reasonable. Remote Reboot will be offered. Please email me or reply if you are interested! [email protected]

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    how much for w2k/w2k3web/w2k3std? how many free ip's? tks.

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