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    Excellent FREE software Portals

    46 Best Freeware Utilities Ever - Great Portal for Selected Utilities
    AnalogX - Very good utilities - Good Tool Sets absolutely Free
    Free Downloads Center - Tons of Stuff
    More from Free Downloads Center - Screensavers and Screensaver Makers
    Games Portal - Games galore
    GNUWin II - A collection of a variety of applications - A treasure chest of free software

    Great Stuff + Query App - Over a dozen free tools for you
    Jeh's Freeware - Lots of Variety - Some has spyware, so beware.
    KarenWare - Karen Cares - good stuff here
    Last Freeware version - Last free version of many programs that are now "commercial" ($$$)

    List of Lists - The Portal to Portals!
    NirSoft Free Utilities - Windows Utilities - including an Uninstaller for things that don't show up in the Add/Remove list.

    No nonsense Software - Some Nice Tools
    Nonags Free Software - More Nice Tools
    Older Versions - Cause newer is not always better!
    Only the BEST Freeware - You be the judge.
    PricelessWare - Lists compiled much as this one was - from user's inputs
    More pricelessware - Get it all on CD
    Radified Freeware - Seems to have chosen his list well.
    Shell Extention City - Some of their own stuff and List of Recommended sites of their own.

    Snapfiles - Great Selection
    Sourceforge - Professional FREE software
    SysInternals - Great set of tools by Sysinternals
    The Freeware Book - Dont worry - it's all online.
    100 Top - "Essential" Downloads for WinXP

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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    Thx, nice liks

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    Thanks for sharing

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