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    Need advice pertaining to Fedex ordeal...

    I ordered a pocket pc last week that is worth around $230, and it was scheduled for arrival by FedEx ground last thrusday. So that day came and went, and I was notified today that the package is missing and they cant find it.

    So ive been searching all day and calling representatives asking them what I can do, but they dont know anything. All they did was put a tracer on it to track down where it was last.

    Earlier i was thinking about filing a claim, but I decided to wait another day or two to see if anything arises. I dont really want to file a claim, i just want my damn package!

    So tonight, i just checked the tracking again, and they added a new line onto that Thursday's log entry. Previously, it only said "6:46 AM - At local FedEx facility" and "4:07 PM -Delivery exception" . Now there was a line added between them (im guessing its one of the results of the tracer, saying " 7:46 AM-On FedEx vehicle for delivery". Remember, this is all on that thursday when it was supposed to arrive. Here is the tracking link for better understanding:

    So the package was checked onto the delivery truck, but was never delivered anywhere or checked off the truck?

    Where is my package? Did the driver take it? Where else would it be?

    Anyone else ever have a situation like this?

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    The link is broken.

    Otherwise I had a couple problems with FedEX before as well. I had a package lost too, not as expensive as yours (mine was a couple pictures and cds from a family member) but still it was lost. I had to call and call until finally got some attenton. My package arrived the next day. I've never used FedEX since then, I stick to UPS.
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    Call them back and talk about it with them until they resolve it with you. Lodge a claim if necessary.

    You can always withdraw it if it turns up.

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    Here's a fixed link:

    Anyone see anything like this before?
    I called them about 7 times today, they have a tracer, and theyre talking with the driver tomarrow.

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    Do you know if you have insurance on the package? Hopefully you do, but, if you didn't get it I think the limit that they will give you is $100.00. Sorry man, that sucks. Hopefully they will come through in the next few days. Sometimes they just get misplaced and end up at the station.
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    Yeah ... they probably ran out of time that day because it's fairly late when it says there was an exception. And so maybe it was unloaded and put in the wrong place. Who knows ... good luck.

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    I hate reading about FedEX crap. My dad is one of the FedEX Corporation managers and he deals with that crap everyday. A lot of times they just get lost when sorting, but it is still crappy. I've had stuff lost with UPS before...

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    I've had packages show up late with several different companies, including FedEx. However, it seems to happen less with FedEx, so we we usually use FedEx for all of our shipping.
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    So is there a possibility that they could find the package if I wait a few more days?

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    I would go down to the annex and get very upset. I say this because some thing like this happened to me with 2100.00 dollar laptop. I jumped up and down, made a huge scene and magically my package was found within 5 minutes... Imagine that.

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    I just called 3 times this morning and they finally put me on the phone with the manager of the facility it was to be delivered from

    They said since it was loaded onto the truck but was never delivered or taken off or anything, they will look through the truck and talk to the driver again, but thats all they can do

    This sucks.

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    ive had numeruos things shipped from fedex/ups, upsi s always <----- ALWAYS on tmie for me

    but for fedex, their mostly on time, but once twice they shipped it late and once they shipped it early
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    Where I work, we get shipments in daily (satalite parts mainly). From what we get, from the different carriers, this is what I think of each.

    FedEX Express = Great!
    FedEX Overnight = Great!
    FedEX Ground = Poor (driver unable to find our address (we are on main street in a large building)

    UPS Ground = Good (packages often show poor treatment enroute)
    UPS Overnight = Great
    DHL = How can they even be a carrier??? (one of the worst, packages with contents falling out or missing, unable to deliver to correct address, refusal to deliver into the office (left item in parking lot)).
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    Where did you get the pocketPC From?

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    From an individual seller on a forum marketplace I goto.

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    Screw FedEx, file a claim. They couldn't find their own butt with a GPS'd map to it...
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    I filed a claim 2 days ago and I still havent gotten any activation on it or anything confirming that it was filed with them.

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