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    Managed hosting?

    I was looking into getting a dedicated server and I came across I've heard good things about these people.. but, my only problem is: I don't exactly know what managed means. I've had people tell me that they will just keep it in their datacenter but I have to fix the stuff and put in all the linux/unix commands. And I've had people tell me that they will do everything and it'll be just like a regular hosting account for me.

    On their site they say:
    Server Load Balancing.
    Dynamic Caching Solutions.
    E-Commerce & Database Servers Implementation.
    VPN & Firewall Integration.
    Network Security Administration.
    Intrusion Suppression Alert Systems.
    Data Back-Up & Archiving.
    DNS & E-Mail Server Management.
    Disaster Recovery.

    But, I don't really understand what all that means.

    So, what exactly is managed hosting?


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    I was looking into getting a dedicated server and I came across
    First of all, voodoomagik welcome to WHT. Secondly, don't assume that just because their domain name is means their product line is all managed servers (where as they actually do not sell managed servers). is a fine company if you are not in need of much on the support side. I had a server from them about six months ago or so and it was alright. Only had to put in for a reboot one time. Mind you with all the horror stories I have heard around both the forums here and elsewhere I doubt I will be going to having a server on's network anytime soon.

    That being said:

    managed services are definied differently between every host you will find. It may include complete operating system setup including control panel of choice and/or 3rd party applications. It may or may not include pro-active monitoring. Managed hosting is all made up of the host you choose.

    self-managed = un-managed if you come across that on a host's site it of course means in general you are on your own, besides hardware failure/replacement and network.

    Hope this has helped.

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    Justin is right. It means something different to many. You will need to investigate different managed hosting solutions amongst several companies to determine what is best suited for you. From your post, I would guess you need a company that will manage the entire server operation, including patches, upgrades, security and so on.
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