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    Unbranded Client Support ....

    Hi -

    Can anyone suggest a reputable company that can provide Unbranded Support for my clients? (Windows Hosting)


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    If memory serves me correct, I think offers unbranded tech support for your clients, and windows reseller plans.

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    bobcares will provide a outsourcing option, I did speak with them briefly at hosting con and a few others that offer them, but I do not remember them, I do only remember speaking with bob

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    Initially I understood the question the way AussieBob did, but now I'm not certain.

    actionf, are you looking for a reseller hosting provider that is willing to support your customers anonymously, or you're simply looking for a support outsourcing solution?

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    Oh, looks like I misread the question. Sorry 'bout that.

    Some companies that provide 3rd party tech support are -

    Here's a search for outsourced support. There's some good threads in there, but you'll need to dig and sift. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    By seeing so many recommended name I think he'll be little confused.

    I suggest he should test their support with an issue and measure their etiquette, responsiveness, and expertise, knowledge and level of technical skills for correcting actions taken to resolve that issue, this way he can enable to judge the effectiveness and capability of an outsourcing company.

    I think a third party that have their thumb on the pulse of outsourcing Industries and have that expertise and capability can only going to provide him an excellent outsourcing support.
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    thanks for the heads-up guys ...

    I'll check out the links listed here and let you know how I go.

    Has anyone here actually used these support org's?


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    I'm actually looking for:

    "looking for a reseller hosting provider that is willing to support your customers anonymously"

    to be more exact ....

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    You can email sales department of couple of support companies mentioned over here and ask them if they can give anonymous support to resellers. You can also visit live chat support of these companies or give them call and see if this service is offered by them or not.

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