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    [WANTED] Optimization

    Iím looking for someone to help me make sure my servers are fully optimized, and to reduce loads. Also checklist of programs I should have installed.

    Root access preferably not given, will follow commands of technician though. Please list experience and price.

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    SolidLogix have developed a paticular package for this sort of request, known as System Optimization. We will take care of mysql, php, sysctl, apache and named enhancements and in some extreme cases recompile the kernel to reduce your cpu usage.

    Our charge for this service is $65, however, per our special offer it is currently available at $50.

    If interested please do get in touch with sales[at]

    Thank you.
    Rob Greenwood
    RedHat Certified, Unix Consultant

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    Server Optimization.

    Good evening,

    If the server(s) in question are running a unix distro, we can be of assistance. We can list you a number of command to obtain key information that we will need to review for uptomization purposes. Please note that root access will be needed; however, if you can execute the commands, we can work together in getting the best performance out of your server(s). Our system administrators are RedHat and MySQL certified with many years of experince. Our prices are based on system admnistration and securing of servers; however, we can work out an agreement that will allow you to get the best for the price. You are welcome to email at the email address below with a phone number where I can reach you and we can talk about what our team of administrators can do for you.

    Thank you for considering us,
    Jorge Arrieta

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