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    * Ebay auctions


    Just wanted to know what you people had to say about sites such as ebay... its becoming larger every day, more trade which means more legit and illegitimate items are being traded.

    For instance, - this weird ebay item..[/URL] or even some of the strange MYSTERY items..

    Would you classify these as illegitimate?


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    I would not classify it as illegitimate. Stupid maybe. But people will bid on it - people will buy anything these days

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    What a crazy item for sale. Can't believe there are live bidders on it. And no-one even knows the storage space of this folder. Absurd!

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    eBay doesn't have time to go through every single listing. Its up to the buyer to determine what is legitimate or not. eBay just cares whether or not the seller is paying the listing fee.

    Also this seller is brand new:
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    Maybe he is one of the other bidders using another account.
    Or he got some friends to bid on this auction.

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    These "joke" items come up from time to time. I actually get a kick out of some of them. I particularly like the Q&A section of this one.

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    A plastic Tesco's shopping bag went for over 20.00 recently someone from the US bought it. Long way to come for a shopping bag!

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    I thought that you had to buy physical items from eBay. I.e. supply the electronic item on physical media.
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    Ironically, it appears the individual selling a "New Folder" is making the same comment you are. I take it that the seller is using parody to make his point, which is illustrated by the 'potential buyers' with their questions.

    It's just a joke and a funny one at that.

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    Originally posted by columbus
    What a crazy item for sale. Can't believe there are live bidders on it. And no-one even knows the storage space of this folder.
    Well, that depends on the buyer of course. Once you receive the new folder by e-mail and save it to your hard drive, how much you can place inside depends on the capacity of your own hard drive.
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    Actually, I have a few text files for sale, if the winner needs stuff to fill up their new folder.

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