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    Angry CoreVPS = Garbage

    Rarely do I take time out of my day to make a post about a negative experience. I'd prefer just learning and moving on. However, my experience with CoreVPS left me no other alternative other than to post this.

    I signed up with them on 6-12-05. It was/is $20 per month. If you signed up for a year your HD/RAM was doubled. We ended up with 40GB HD and 512MB of RAM. In our package was 150GB of b/w per month.

    I run a game, movie and music review site. On the site we host game patches, demos and movies for our users to download. It's a pretty important part of our site.

    I received an email from their support staff saying they needed to contact me in regards to my host and bandwith usage. I contacted them and was told that our account had been temporarily suspended because of the amount of traffic that we were generating. If their concern was the fact that we were going to exceed our monthly b/w usage, I can and would appreicate their concern. They seemed more concered with the high volume of traffic we were having (popular video game movie released today).

    I asked if there was a more expensive package we could go to and I was simply told we would have to meter our traffic.

    I even gave the support person our root password so that they could configure our server to 8mbit instead of the 10mbit since they were willing to configure it.

    4 hours later and my server is still offline. None of my files are accessible to my visitors. There's no response to the support ticket I submitted or emails I sent.

    I was told that there would be overage charges if I exceeded my b/w usage per month. Completely understandable IF that was in their terms of use or mentioned in any contract I signed. It wasn't. It's simply a post on their forums.

    My business is now going to suffer from their poor customer service. It was amazing how fast they would respond to me when they needed ME to do something for them, but when the tables are response.

    I'll be cancelling my account and seeking my refund ASAP.

    My advice.....stay way from CoreVPS.

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    Sounds like horrible story, look for new hoster asap.

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    Thanks, I'm in the process of looking at mavweb right now. They look pretty promising so far..

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    Take look at Servint. They are pricey but worth every penny.

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    Will Do. Thanks again..

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    Forget ServInt. Go for PowerVPS.

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    My partner Erik has been talking to you about a Dedicated server I belive..

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    I would like to put our side on this. The reason we asked to suspend them was that the traffic was 10mbit which was causing slowdowns for other users. We run that particular server on a 10 mbit so we were trying to d what was best for all our users.

    As for you your server it was up on SSH but Apache would need restarting which is why the files were down. You can ssh and run uptime to check if you wish

    I've agreed to a refund for you but as stated on our website (and which you mentioned on our testomnial page) we aren't doing full 24x7 support yet, and unfortunatly you were outside those hours


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    Too bad we were never told this when we signed up. It wasn't in any Terms of Use or contract.

    You might want to think of drawing up a terms of use or contract for future clients. Otherwise, you're going to run into this type of situation or worse b/w overages. A post on a forum isn't considered binding at all and you'd have a difficult time trying to collect on an overage.

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    We have. I sent you a recent email with a little more info and update.

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    Which sites did you host with them?
    (curious in the amount of traffic you get on them)
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    just this one:

    The downloads section is offline until we replace our host. That it what was causing the high amount of traffic.

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