was developed for those who would like to run their own stats site where users can register to have their web stats done for them. Each person that registers at your stats site simply has to place a few lines of code in their site and you stats site will track the site usage for them. This is a great way to add value added services to your offerings whether you are a web host or any other type of web based business.

The stats program was written in PHP with MySQL as the database server. It can run on either Windows or Linux and it is very easy to install.

Below is a list of features:

Manage categories - Web site categories
Manage packages - free and paid packages
Manage servers - you can add multiple web servers for redundancy
Manage users - add delete and edit users
Email all users - email updates to users.
Options - all options including paypal, 2checkout and options for paid users.

There is an online demo at
Username: demo
Password: demo

Pricing information:
StatsCode server license: $199.00
StatsCode resell license: $2000.00

License explanation
Server License: This allows you to set-up StatsCode on one server and run it. The load balancing feature is included at no additional server charge.
Resell License: This allows you to re-brand and resell the StatsCode program.

Updates: Updates are free and will be posted on the StatsCode site. We will also email those who wish to be informed of updates.

If you have any questions or concerns please email [email protected]