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    Lightbulb -/-- Needs to get SOLD - Hosting design --\-

    I really need to sell this , i'm in need of money and this is something like the 4th time that i'm posting this template Please somebody understand the situation with the payment methods.
    I had no success with my previous sales, so the design is still available. I have decided to sell this uncoded. Since my coding skills arenít that great, I prefer to leave the coding to somebody else who is more experienced. The PSDs are already sliced.
    The design is 100% unique , it's only going to be sold once, and the buyer will receive full rights (including the reselling rights).

    I am accepting any kind of offers on the design.

    INDEX PAGE - CLICK for preview
    SUBPAGE - CLICK for preview

    I'm afraid i can only accept payment via or

    I can also be reached via:

    MSN: photonflow @
    AIM: photonflowmedia
    mail: sales @

    Thank you!

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    If your having trouble sellig it here, try offering it on

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    Hmm i don't think they take templates from people that aren't from the team ...

    I recieved a $35 bid by PM , however this is not what i had in mind , honestly i did serious work for this design and it took me a long time to do it ... i was thinking about something in the range of 120$-180$ ...

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    I will also customize the design to suit your company , for free !

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    115$ gets it

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    pretty nice design. Good luck

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