I have a few domains that I no longer desire to develop. I had a thread on NamePros for these that was ruined by fools who didn't read forum rules. Therefor, I'm making a new thread.

I have several of the rarest word domains available: these.ca, their.ca, and wrote.ca. "These" and "their" are pronouns, which are the second rarest type of word in the English language. They are among the most used words in English, as well. THESE ARE NEAR-IMPOSSIBLE TO FORGET! They are .ca, which is a Canadian domain, but Canada is a major country with great ties with the US.

I've had mixed appraisals on forums, with some seeing the ease of memorization & labeling them low $xxxx each and others who didn't quite see what makes them of value; these ppl gave low appraisals. There is no such thing as an accurate appraisal - a domain is worth as much as a buyer will pay for it. I could try selling these to a Canadian market but I just lost 100% interest in these. So I'm making an offer here.

I will sell these three (single or all 3 as a lot) to whomever makes the best offer (minimum = $20 each). I will also consider trading these for domains that could be of use to me. I'll consider a trade for:

A 3 letter/number domain (.com & .net only -- must be LLL or NNN)
A 2 char domain (.com, .net, .org, .us, .info only)
A domain that relates to writers, writing, poetry, or anything similar (.com only unless it's a moderately good .net -- no dashes, typos, or numbers)

Searches on Google, as of June 21st:

Their: 2,325,056
These: 1,943,566
Wrote: 201,805

According to http://ecommerce.insightin.com/tools...calculator.php

If you want a domain that just about everyone will remember, take a look at these. All questions should be PM'ed to me. Offers can be sent by PM or posted below. I'll accept the best offer.