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    * New Web Host Needed

    Our current site is being hosted by the fuitad company and we have had problems since joining..
    We have been looking for a new host recently but most come up short.
    We have, at the very least, 3Gb of data which needs hosting. More is neccessary of course for operating sys and web tools, so we are looking for 5-6Gbs of storage or more.
    I have found numerous hosts and read twice as many reviews but most either don't offer enough space, options, or out of our price range.

    Host Requirements:
    5Gb + web space
    Great Customer service
    Reliability (Uptime, etc)
    30Gbs+ transfer a month
    Ssh and Cpanel
    $30 a month or less

    We have already reviewed lunarpages micfo and others but our site manager disapproved on one thing or another.. We are just tired of the runaround we've been given..
    Any help would be great thanks.

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    First I'd start to look here :

    This is one of the most honest list I ever see.

    Best luck!

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    Do you have a justified need for SSH?

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    I'm sure there are many hosts that could provide a custom plan like that. You just have to ask.
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    I say try using

    and another good source would be , good luck.
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    It looks like DreamHost could be of interest to you.... they have a plan which seems to meet your requirements. I am one of their happy customers myself.
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    Have you tried the search facility here at WHT? I would think there are tons of hosts here that could handle what you want.
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    It would be great, if you can list out what were the host that you shortlisted and what were the reasons on which you rejected them.

    Also, you mentioned your site manager disapproved on one thing or another. It would be helpful if you can list down the criterea that your site manager used to disapprove them.

    This will help the forum members at WHT to direct you in the right direction.

    All the best!

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    I would recommend browsing the shared and reseller offers section, you will find plenty of web hosts offering what you requre.

    Best of luck

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    Hello jakal,

    5GB of space is really alot for a shared hosting environment - coupled with your SSH requirement - I am pretty inclined to recommend a VPS solution for your requirements - or maybe a reseller account - though, Im not certain alot of hosts (at least not alot concerned with security) are willing to offer SSH in either a shared or reseller environment...

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    well search in i would say go for dedicated or Reseller

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    You have all the search tools here in WHT to find your perfect host.

    Good luck!

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    What specifically became a problem with micfo/the other ones you looked into?

    The majority of hosts can meet your plan but was there anything specific your 'site manager' had a problem with?
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    I agree that 5GB of space is a lot for a shared plan, but there are many hosts that can provide it. I would think you'd need more bandwidth than 30GB if you're using that much space. Some hosts provide customized plans you might want to look in to.
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    Our site doesn't generate much traffic most of the time we stay under 30gb a month but we host large files mostly for the forum and member journals.
    Our manager has always used Ssh for uploading large files into the server database as well as managing the files themselves.
    The other sites as mentioned didn't offer the amount of storage needed for our budget or he found enough bad reviews to turn him off to their service.
    We are currently looking into for a dedicated server option. Not the exact thing we wanted but he seems to like it better.
    Thank you all for the information!

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    Try HostVoice
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    Just check the offers forum for shared hosts...

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    try hostgator

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    Here are some plans that meet your criteria of at least 5GB of storage and 30GB of traffic and less than $30/mo all are at the 12/mo contract price. There are as follows: plan name, co. name, mo. price, storage space, traffic allowance, # of email addys, OS
    I hope this helps! good luck!

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    Premium Hosting, Bravenet, $8.95, 5 GB, 100 GB, 2000, Linux

    S-H300, ToeHosting, $18.28, 5 GB, 60 GB, Unlimited, Linux

    Advanced, Easy CGI, $21.56, 6 GB, 150 GB, Unlimited, Windows

    S-H400, ToeHosting, $22.87, 6 GB, 70 GB, Unlimited, Linux

    Elite, E Power Servers, $22.95, 6 GB, 200 GB, 500, Unix

    R-H100 reseller, ToeHosting, $29.95, 6 GB, 80 GB, Unlimited,
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    If you want reliable then or

    I used both (still using BeachComber) and have zero complaints.

    For the space you need BlueWho might be expensive but for peace of mind they probably cannot be beat.

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    Well we have checked the links provided but have chosen to go with The server was set up within the last few days, no problems with transferring the domain or files. Just some minor details to be worked out and those are all but gone. If you'd like to visit the site it's
    and we have set up an irc network as well. You can stop by anytime, just visit the site and click the link. Thank you all for your help and input.

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