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    [For Sale] Store template and Hosting template.

    I've got two designs for sale here. One is for any type of store, but it was designed around an electronics/pc store. The second one is a hosting layout. Not much to say about it other than it would be great with a touch of flash (not included).

    What is included with each layout:

    .PSD file(s) with ~(300 layers)
    All fonts necessary
    All rights

    Layout 1 - store layout:

    Price for layout 1 : looking for around 150-175, but will hear other offers.

    Layout 2 - hosting layout:



    Price for layout 2: Looking for around 150-175, but will hear other offers.

    If you are by some chance looking to buy both layouts, I would let both go for 280.00.

    Please PM me or reply here with offers/questions.
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    very very nice designs and where do u get them pics of pc's if u can tell me

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    The top one is a coolermaster & the bottom is an apple G4. Correct me if im wrong.

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    thnx m8 my need them soon

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    Yep, PuppetMaster is correct.

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    Both are nice. The hosting one is really good Rock. Good luck.
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    Stunning designs!
    Good luck with the sales!

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    Considering offers of 125-150 for each layout.

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    I like the hosting layout....nice work.
    Thank You

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    Current bid of 140.00 on the hosting template.

    Will take bids for 24 more hours on this layout. If you would like it, make a reasonable offer within the next day. Thanks

    Layout 1 is still for sale currently with no offers.

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    Rock1127 - so we can actually use of those computer cases for commercial use? Has anyone contacted the companies to see if it's cool with them and if so, are there are any other cases that you know of that designers can freely use?

    Beautiful designs by the way.

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    Anyone here can correct me if I am recalling this information incorrectly.

    The way I remember learning, was that any BRANDED image (aka the apple logo on the side of their cases) cannot be used unless all brand are removed from the photo, this is similar to the blurring of brand names on tv shows. They are allowed to show the shirt, but not the brand represented on the shirt. Same thing here. Also, as long as you aren't making money off of the actual photo, then it's alright. In this case, you are buying the actual template, not the photograph. If I had left the logo on the case, it would have been seen as a type of adverstising, which would be illegal, yes. But in it's current state, it's quite legal.

    Browse through the hosting templates over at template monster. I've seen the G4 tower used many a time in their layouts.

    If the purchaser of the template is afraid of any legal issues, then you can easily find someone to model a 10.00 pc tower and I will gladly replace it free-of-charge.

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    Current bid on the hosting template is now 130.00, not 140.00. If anyone is interested, please bid and i'll get back to you.

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    Hosting template is now sold, but the store template remains.

    I will try something new with the store template. If there are 2 or 3 people interested in it who would be willing to pay 60.00 for it NON-UNIQUELY, then I will sell it to you three people. It will of course not include exclusive rights then, but you will have full use of it for 60.00. I will sell it only *three* times, so the chances of you running into the template in the future are very very slim (1 in x millions). If anyone is interested in doing this, you can reply here or PM me. It is also still for sale uniquely if anyone is willing to pay 150.00. It will then of course be sold once.

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