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    Which is Better Hostgator/ HostingZoom

    I been looking at a few reseller packages and have purchased hostgator however after finding this forum I learned about hostingzoom. Both are almost the exact same, plans,price,both use the planet in dallas.

    However i really like the end user support feature on hostingzoom and the RVskin but my concern is hostgator has been around longer and for the most part gets pretty good reviews.

    I've read about many hosting companies offering excellent support when the are new and smaller however, once they grow larger it sometimes makes a turn for the worst. So that is my concern with hostingzoom, will it continue its good support & will they stay in business? Also if they do close up how easy will it be for me transfer my clients to another host (hostgator) since I have my own nameserves.

    Also I have noticed some of the support people in the hostgator chat seem kinda rude, anytime I ask them something they just usually throw up a link to a support page or say read the manual.

    So any suggestions would greatly appreciated.

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    I would go with hostingzoom if they have decent tech support like you said. If it stays in the same ownership I woud believe the tech support would stay somewhat the same even if it grew...
    Ive also done a little research on google, and hostingzoom seems better to me

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    HostingZOOM has very nice reviews around here at WHT. Good choice from what I can see.

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    Considering you're satisfied so far with HostingZoom, I'd continue with them, but always have recent backups and a lined up host to switch to in case things turn out for the worst (God forbid).

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    I have been with HostingZoom now for several months and have had nothing but a positive experience with them. The support time has usually been within 1/2 hour of my submitting a ticket. I am cautious though because the server I am on has had 100% uptime for two months preceded by 99% uptimes but they just moved / upgraded their servers so I am monitoring that situation to be sure the level of uptime remains unchanged.

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    I have been with HostingZoom for almost half a year. I have to admit, they are very good with what they do. Even though they oversell and to some RZ cheap plans is a indicator that HZ is not going to "make it" and on top of that HZ plans are not very expensive, they manage to keep a balance at the business that comes in, and the support issues that may overload them, selling at their price.


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