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    Talking Full run of site advertisements

    This will be offered soon, I am looking for people interested.

    I am opening a free host website, and they will be either forced ads on their web pages, or they can put them where they fit. (not sure yet).

    Anyway, what I am going to offer is unlimited hits/impressions on the entire free hosting sites. Which means, I am not limiting them to how many page views your ad gets.

    I am going to start it by weekly, and at $20/week, for UNLIMITED impressions of your advertisement 468x60 (whatever you want on that advertisement)

    I am going to be switching advertisers every week, unless someone wants to rent the month out for a price.

    The $20/week is what is going to be bidded on.

    Bidded on =
    Person A: I'll advertise for $20/week
    Person B: I'll advertise on your site for $25/week
    Person A: I don't want to go higher

    *Person B gets the advertisement place.

    So basically, your advertisement will be on every index page on every free hosting account (maybe every single page, depending on if I force ads or not), and the main free hosting site.
    Additionally, I am selling off the "shared" and "reseller" links on my main site.
    I will not be offering paid hosting - you can buy this link off of the main site. Please PM me your offer if you would like to buy these monthly (Monthly only).

    Please PM me if you are interested, or willing to purchase!

    Thank you.

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    Forgot to add,

    No, you cannot have your ad be your google adsense account.

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    PM me please, I might like to buy for a client.

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