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    3WARE Escalade 3W-5200 IDE RAID card need suggestions

    Anybody have any experience and suggestions on
    this 3WARE Escalade 3W-5200 IDE RAID card we
    are planning to get this card for our
    centos 3.3 server

    need suggestions Please


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    I havent seen or used one of those in production in a while, but back when we did use them they worked fine. Make sure your OS has drivers for it, as I dont recall how long ago 3ware stopped updating drivers and utils for those.

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    AFAIK, all of the cards use the same native Linux driver, which is nice and solid. We've had a lot of timeout issues with WD drives on 3WARE so I would recommend Seagate.
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    3ware has always worked well for us.

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    Make sure you get RAID Edition drives if you get WD's. That is a good card, it has a web and command line interface tool to check your RAID array and you can set it up to email you if your array is degraded.

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