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    Ideas for additional services with domain name registrations

    I see most of the registries offer different kind of services with domain registrations

    For example : ID whois protect, web monitor, traffic stats ( most of enom services )

    What do you believe a common user will need and what an advanced/reseller user would need as an added free or paid service apart all the known services already offered from the registrars

    At first i thought offer on my own a ID whois protect service altering the whois data and keeping and internal private whois database even i don't know if there is a rule glitch with icann or the registrar

    My point is that the profit per domain is low
    If you offer domain names + hosting gives you larger target group and you can sell a bandle of domain+hosting at higher rates than just a domain

    I'm trying to see what is possible from a domain reseller view to offer so he can atract new sales
    I like the domain names business and even in our times domain names is a cherry at the top of the pie on profit coverage, i would like to investigate more this area

    What you could consider worth having and can make select the AAA new reseller company over Godaddy,NameCheap,Enom (retail direct) or any other big registrar ?

    PS. Do you have any idea how I can cashout the $6950 ( didn˘t deposit yet ) to get the 6.95 pricing to my current ETP, even without profit ? Do you sell easily domains with $8.15 ?

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    FREE Services Common User prefer: Whois Management / DNS Management / Some FREE disk space / Advance DNS Management ( URL redirection / email forwarding )

    FREE Services Advanced User prefer: Whois Management / DNS Management / Advance DNS Management ( URL redirection / email forwarding / CNAME / A RECORD / MX records / MXE / PTR / TXT / Dynamic DNS )

    Paid Services : Whois Protection / SSL Certificates / SiteBuilder / Site Submission / Hosting packages which includes several services ( Some sort of bundle ) / Pair parking services
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    it all depends on marketing
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    Originally posted by Bashar
    it all depends on marketing
    Bashar is right here. It really depends on your target market. I think that we, on webhostingtalk, often talk about the lower price domain name registration services, because most of us have some experience in the industry.

    However, with the right marketing, I think domain name registration services could be very profitable. You just need to find a hook or Unique Selling Advantage over the other guys. I have a 100 ideas for this which I'm not going to share for obvious reasons.

    My point is that, different people have different needs. Say, for example, you could get an insurance company to issue you a policy that if you register and control these customer's domains in accordance with certain high security standards, that the insurance company will insure each registered domain name up to $100,000 from loss due to hackers, thieves, etc. Of course, like most insurance policies the customer could probably only collect if the domain was stolen on a Monday afternoon between 1:00pm and 1:10pm by Alaskan Gnomes during a leap year. (You got to realize that those big insurance office buildings were NOT built by the insurance companies actually paying out claims).

    But having a $100,000 or even a Million dollar insurance policy against domain name loss or theft sure would be attractive to many high end corporate users who might be willing to spend $500.00 annually for such a guarantee. Or maybe not - I never tried it.

    There are lot's of different markets and people willing to pay to have their needs fulfilled for a premium price.

    Good Luck
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