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    customer poblems?

    ok now this customer has broken my tos already 5 times ive helped him and sticked with him for about 3 times now, hes posted on a dozen forums saying we suck and what not and everything now hes paid 3months of service

    what should i do with him? He paid but is asking for a refund which we cannot do cause we dont offer refunds

    any suggestions?

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    "which we cannot do cause we dont offer refunds" - that doesn't exactly sound like you cannot do, it sounds like you won't do.

    What exactly is stopping you from refunding his remaining amount?
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    Sometimes its worth just firing a customer and giving them a refund and tell them to find another host

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    I agree with vaserv.

    You are aware of him posting bas reviews about your site then its better you refund and let someone else suffer.
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    Stan you said the customer broke your TOS 5 times correct? So why is he still a customer? Did he break a major part of the TOS or a small part of the TOS?

    If a customer broke the TOS 5 times, and started to complain about my business I would have to say good bye! Also if the customer is giving you so much hassle I would just refund the amount left on his account and kick him to the street.

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    If he violated your TOS and you have given him 3 wornings. Give him the boot.

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    You've done enough and you've given him the benefit of doubt 5 times already. Fire the customer and get on with life. No refund needed.

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    true, i don't think you need to provide a refund since, your customer break you tos 5 times.

    Just tell your customer that you have enough of it and request him to move on to another provider.

    as for refund, it up to you but for me, it would be a case by case basis

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    I think I would just issue a refund and tell him to find another host since he has broken your TOS and is bad mouthing your company on other forums.

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    You gave him enough chances, show him the door. As many have said, and even yourself, he broke your tos 5 times. Let's repeat that, 5 times. He's not worth your time.
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