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    When web hosts go bad?

    jimmy: im interested in your e-commerce, i supose it will be done in php yes?
    Technical Support: Yes.
    Technical Support: Yes.
    jimmy: what sort of security messures would you be supplying for my e-commerce?
    jimmy: will it come with the standard hyper transit module?
    jimmy: if so ill purchase i guess
    Technical Support: We will provide ssl encription
    Technical Support: Yes.
    jimmy: yes to hyper transit module? great
    Technical Support: Yes, you will have it.
    Another reason why you should research your webhost-to-be... thought i'd share this with you all, I can't believe they were willing to lie to make $400+

    although the e-commerce package wasnt "hosting" as such, it was a e-commerce package set up on one of thier hosting packages... but still ^ i can't believe they did that lol..

    Anyone else tried catching people out on live support? (yes i know im evil)

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    Not everyone is out to make a quick buck but judging from his responses s/he doesn't speak very good english to begin with.
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    Thats right they could have just been rather busy at the tim, or maybe its just they outsource there support to companies who they have no contol over.

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    I can't believe they were willing to lie to make $400+
    People are known for doing worse things than that for less than $400.

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    it was probably an outsourced company by the looks of it.. Send an email to the sales department and see what you get in return, usualy one of the top dogs reads those
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