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    Increase max file size in 2.4 for apache?

    I run Kernel 2.4.31 with ext3 and apache 1.3.33. I noticed today that I got a lot of errors in my apache log saying "exit signal File size limit exceeded (25)". This means apache it can't append to a log file because it hit a 2 gig limit.

    I thought kernel 2.4 had this limit removed? How can I check what the max file size is under my system? Why do I have a 2 gig limit to begin with and how do I get rid of it?


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    The 2gb limit is because the file pointer is a 32-bit signed int (signed so seek() can go backward). 2.4 supports large files, but you need to update your libraries and applications to use the newer 64-bit syscalls.
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