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    Selling Banners - 15k+ uniques a month!

    I'm selling 2 banners on my graphics forums for the best offer. Currently, we are getting over 15,000 unique hits a month, and are working on growing. We have almost 1000 members at this time. I will sell 1 header banner and 1 footer banner. Minimum price for header is 20 a month, minimum for footer is 10 a month, minimum bid for both is 25 a month. Please PM me or post in this thread if you are interested, or if you want a screen of the stats page. - My graphics community

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    I will take both for $25 - Please contact me for payment arrangements.
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    Just to clarify, I am currently only taking bids on the advertising space. However, I will close for 40 dollars for the header, 20 for the footer, or 50 for both.

    Edit : sold.
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