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Thread: Please review

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    Please review

    hello all,

    i'd appreciate any comments about which offers tech job postings and resumes. in particular, i am interested in the navigation aspect. is it intuitive to you? any other suggestions to make the site better?


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    I would never put coffee that close to my keyboard.

    {{slides coffee cup quckly away from keyboard}}

    Seriously, I like the overall design. Very clean and easy to navigate, very user friendly.

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    Navigation is easy. I would suggest getting rid of the Google Ads. I know they may make you some $$, but when I go to sites with the Google ads, I leave.

    Maybe it's just me, but when I see a Google ad on a business site, it makes me think they are Hard Up for $$$$.

    And they will also take you vistors away from your site....
    Just a thought
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    thanks for your feedback guys

    USWEB-Darren: that's what you get the spill warranty for

    jimmmers: i hear you. even though the site is of biz nature, all of the services (including job posting) are free. google ads (not too intrusive at that) is the only way i make profit to compensate for hours of work daily. but i agree: the site would probably grow faster had it had no ads at all

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    Very nice! It's clean and crisp, navigation is easy, and overall, it's very professional. I agree with the poster above regarding the Google Ads. When they become such a main focus for a site, it tends to take away from all the hard work you put into your design.

    Well done and best of luck!

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    Thumbs up

    Hi James,

    Very good design

    Just a quicky:

    * Capitalize the first alphabets of all your Hyperlinks on the header. Instead of search jobs, put - "Search Jobs"

    * Try to put the Adsense Ads in a table(The idea is to make it look neat and NOT to mix with the site content)

    Everything else - GOOD!

    All the best


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    hey guys,

    i appreciate your comments. very helpful. i'll look into them


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