1 spot has already been taken.

There are only 4 spots remaining for this exclusive opportunity.

My deal/bargains website, CoolDealer.com receives hundreds of visitors per day looking to buy, Buy, BUY!. They have spending money and are looking for a deal.

Now take a look at http://www.CoolDealer.com/webhosting.shtml and see how our visitors can buy web hosting from you! We have our first advertiser listed there (and you can see how it works)

Also: Your site will be linked directly on the front page (PR5) at http://www.CoolDealer.com (look on the top right panel of the site!)

At http://www.CoolDealer.com/webhosting.shtml we will list all the information available there (fees, setup fees, plans, space, bandwidth, features as shown in the example). Your LOGO will also be shown! (150x150 pixel only please)

Are you interested? PM me for a PayPal link, and PM me your
information to list up there. Listings are done first
come, first serve (not alphabetically). So if you're the first to pay,
you're going to be at a higher spot!

Price per listing is $25/month
Stats Link: http://cooldealer.com/ads/gfx/april_2005.gif
Stats Link 2: http://cooldealer.com/ads/gfx/may_2005.gif