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    Don't use them, i did for one year and after some technical issue, was told a bold-faced lie about how my act was setup. it was a "grammar" issue. It would help is technical support had a number to call, you can't even talk to anyone. They are totally incompetent.

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    Thanks for the input but it would be more useful to people if you provided a more descriptive account of things. A brief biased review is no good to anyone

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    yes, be more discriptive on your issues that you ran into.. That helps potential customers choose the best host for them.

    Thanks for posting!
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    Yes, would be interesting to get the full story.... However, that company does have a rather mixed customer satisfaction record.
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    As a unix type person for 20+ years and specializing in networking, one day my domain quit working, i could only access with via domain w/o the www on the front end. I email support since you can't call technical support, only billing answers the phone. We go back and forth about how there is nothing changed, when for almost a year i could access the domain with www on the front. One of the replies I get is, "You have never been able to access your domain witht h e www on the front" I told them that was a lie and they insisted there was nothing wrong or nothing changed. It appears they changed but would not admit it and hour later I get an email that says: "The internet is propopagting some changes so it should work soon", no admittance of changes just that it will work soon. By then I was already to peeved to deal with them and had started moving the domains away to somewhere else.


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