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    What are you views on


    I am about to set up an online business and I am considering Any views on the company and package they are offering.

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    No personal experience, but I have done some research on them. Rather mixed customer feedback.
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    Please take a look at
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    i have also heard mixed feedbacks from bluehost.. This is what happens when companies get to "big" and forget about the "support" aspect of a company
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    I use bluehost, and must say that I am pretty happy with them currently, they really provide everything that you might need, except ASP (I'm on a Linux machine), but I don't use it, so it's ok. They are really offering the highest amount of useful tools, and 4 Gigs of space and 100Gigs of bandwidth is pretty good. The server seems to be really up and files are loaded rather quickly.

    There are some important things you need to know though :

    * The price on bluehost's webpage is ONLY if you buy the package and pay for 24 months (2 years) in advance. The price per month is higher for any lower amount of months.
    * The website's FAQ/Knowledge Base is honestly too short, and I've already sent 3 support tickets on questions I usually tend to find in FAQs on other hosts' websites.
    * Support tickets tend to not be responded over the weekend, however today I had to wait only 8 minutes (email), so it's kind of giving-giving.
    * One Gig of space more = 5 dollars, One Gig of bandwidth more = 0. 50 dollars, this per month.
    * I found this quite disturbing : in the panel's File Manager, if I change a page's code, and save it, all online (they have an online editor, you just change the code, and type ok), the changes don't appear online. I had to upload them using SmartFTP.

    That's all I can see to say now, if you want more info, ask away.

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    They are closed on Sunday and don't have 24/7 support

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