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  1. #1 - Online Games Site For Sale!

    Hello there,


    Im sure the domain alone should be worth good money.

    Currently 9th in msn for keyword-> play fight games for free

    Also 10th in msn for -> i can play games that are only free

    Details :-

    - The Script is from with over 150 games. you can also get more screenshots/details about the script from .

    - I also got a unique skin/logo designed for the site as you can see.

    - Traffic details :-

    no significant income generated from the site, i believe the rankings were updated recently , but it sure has good potential.

    Starting Bid- $100

    BIN- Undecided, but will post it soon.

    Reason for selling is due to financial constraints.


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    I start off the bid at $100

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    Sorry... new to bidding on here if there is a general increment policy please tell me but I am serious about my bid


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    I bid $110

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    Alright, this offer is also on DNFORUMS.COM so you can track the bidding there from this link

    current highest bid is $110 by renegadeavenger.

    I am setting Minimum Increment to $20.

    I will post a BIN later today.

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    I'll Bid $150

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    okay after alot of thinking i have a BIN price --> $325

    I will ONLY accept a BIN offered in the thread not pm, unless you post it in the thread and pm me..then its fine.

    The current Highest bid is $190 by SpeedFox on link is above

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    i bid $210

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    you really shouldn't post this bid on 2 forums... that makes things so difficult.

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    so has this been sold? This is the same exact reason why I said this should not have been posted on 2 forums.

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