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Thread: Cron & Php

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    Angry Cron & Php

    PHP Code:

    include 'PrevNext_class.php';

    $db = new PrevNext_class;
    $db->dbname 'wojtek_cooking';
    $db->offset 'recipe';
    $db->limit 1;
    $db->number_type 'number';

    $db->execute("SELECT * from recipes ORDER BY RAND()");

    //print "<center><h3>Random Recipe</h3>";

    while($myrow mysql_fetch_array($db->sql_result))

    //echo "<br><br>Comment1: $myrow[0]";
    //echo "<br><br>Comment2: $myrow[1]";
    //echo "<br><br>Comment3: $myrow[2]";
    //echo "<br><br>Comment4: $myrow[3]";
    //echo "<br><br>Comment5: $myrow[4]";
    //echo "<br><br>Comment6: $myrow[5]";
    //echo "<br><br>Comment7: $myrow[6]";

    $string="<a href='".$myrow[0]."'><table border=\"0\" width=\"100%\" id=\"table5\" onMouseover=\"'#DBD9A9';\" onMouseout=\"'';\"><tr><td align=\"center\" width=\"33%\"><h2 align=\"right\"><b>&gt;&nbsp; </b></h2></td><td align=\"center\" width=\"33%\">$myrow[1]</td><td align=\"center\" width=\"33%\"><h2 align=\"left\"><b>&lt;</b></h2></td></tr><tr><td colspan=\"3\"><u>Description:</u><br>$myrow[5]</td></tr></table></a>";


    $fp fopen("recipe24h.txt""w");

    This script selects one entry from the database and writes it to a .txt file
    Set to run once per hour (24 times / day)
    I include that .txt on the index, thus 1 random entry is shown every hour

    If i run it via a browser, it works fine, but with cron, it emails me an error log:
    /home/wojtek/public_html/RandomRecipe.php: line 1: ?php: No such file or directory
    /home/wojtek/public_html/RandomRecipe.php: line 3: include: command not found
    /home/wojtek/public_html/RandomRecipe.php: line 11: =: command not found
    /home/wojtek/public_html/RandomRecipe.php: line 13: -: command not found
    /home/wojtek/public_html/RandomRecipe.php: line 15: -: command not found
    /home/wojtek/public_html/RandomRecipe.php: line 17: -: command not found
    /home/wojtek/public_html/RandomRecipe.php: line 19: -: command not found
    /home/wojtek/public_html/RandomRecipe.php: line 21: syntax error near unexpected token `('
    /home/wojtek/public_html/RandomRecipe.php: line 21: ` $db->connection('localhost','xxxxxxxxxxx','yyyyyyyyyyyyy');'
    What is wrong??

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    It seems that it isn't parse as php at all...
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    What command are you using in cron to call the script?

    Try (if php is some place else, then put the real path)

    /usr/bin/php -q /home/wojtek/public_html/$script.php

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    If you don't run the file as an argument to the php binary then you have to specify the binary to use. Make this the first line of the file:

    #!/usr/local/bin/php -q

    If that's not your php location just put in the right one. The -q makes it not spit out stuff you don't want to see.
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    i found out my problem

    php is installed as an apache module, thus i had to

    lynx -dump

    works fine now

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