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    Paypal - Website Payments Pro Merchants Accounts

    PayPal, an eBay company and a provider of online payment solutions, yesterday launched PayPal Website Payments Pro, a new product suite for small and medium-sized businesses(SMBs), which enables merchants to offer shoppers more options to make payments.

    According to the company, it features three new functions: Express Checkout, Direct Payment API and Virtual Terminal which would enable merchants to offer shoppers more choice in how they pay for items - with their PayPal accounts, their credit cards, or by phone, fax or mail - all through PayPal, a single provider. It is priced at a fee of $20 per month and a per-transaction rate of 2.2 to 2.9 percent plus 30 cents. As an introductory offer, PayPal will waive the $20 monthly fee until late 2005.

    The company also stated that for merchants that do not have their own custom shopping carts, it is integrated with third-party shopping carts including CityMax, CoolCart Pro, eMartCart, iBuilder, Mal's E-commerce, My eBiz, 1ShoppingCart and StoreFront by LaGarde. PayPal customers are directed to the PayPal site momentarily to log in and confirm payment, and then are automatically redirected to the merchant website to complete checkout.

    "The launch of Website Payments Pro is a direct result of feedback from our customers, who were looking for more flexibility when integrating PayPal and more control over the checkout process," said Stephanie Tilenius, vice president and general manager of PayPal's merchant services business.

    The paypal website:
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    Use the scroll-wheel on your mouse or keyboard-cursors down ;-)


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    this isnt a big deal to me. You still have to go to their site to login and select which card you want to pay with and then you get taken back to your site to finish the checkout. That is NOT seamless like

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    That's only the case for the customers who choose to log in to their PayPal accounts. (We have to allow them to enter their username and password on our site and review the account information that would be used for the purchase.)

    For those who choose to pay with a credit card on your site, you would never have to direct them to a PayPal hosted page.

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    thats what i am saying it is NOT competely seamless if you choose to pay through your paypal account.

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