I'd like to share my experiences as a Beachcomber.net dedicated server client since the end of August last year. This will be my first full review here (though I've often commented on other providers I've used in more informal ways).

By way of introduction, my server is a resold DedicatedNOW box at the FortressITX datacenter in Clifton, NJ.

Sales: 10/10

I became aware of beachcomber through a rather timely special Mark posted just about the time that Angelnetworkz made everyone so angry last year. It was a terrific deal on a P4 2.8Ghz box with everything I needed to move some customer accounts in and go. I contacted him first by PM here at WHT. The responses were helpful and prompt (even on a 3rd party forum site), and I placed my order.

My server was ready approximately 24 hours later. This was what I'd been told beforehand so I was fine with the timeframe. When I got the server things were in fine order, and I found that I'd even ended up with a P4 3.0Ghz instead of the 2.8.

Support: 10/10

Support at Beachcomber is outsourced (as far as I can tell, someone will correct me if I'm wrong), but I've always been pleased with the service. Tickets are typically answered around or under the 15 minute mark, and support has even helped out a time or two in ways I hadn't expected (since this is a 'semi-managed' server with only kernel upgrades and such handled by support). All in all they've been very helpful when I've needed them.

I should also say that (fortunately) I've not needed their help very often. The hardware has been very stable.

Network: 9/10

For what I'm paying for this box, I nearly gave them a 10 on this too. There were some outages around the beginning of the year that weren't Beachcombers fault, but were attributable to some network issues at the datacenter. There was also a short unexpected outage when the servers kernel was upgraded and the server restarted.

Overall 10/10

I cant imagine getting much more bang for my buck. My server uptime for the last several months has remained very high (about 30 mins down spread over the last 4 months). My customers are happy, and I seldom have had to pull any hair out. I couldn't be more pleased.

Kudos to Mark and the folks at Beachcomber.net.