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    How much large should be the Linux..?Or what is Best Partitioning sch?

    Hi Geeks,
    I need to know ...while doing partitioning on RedHat Linux..What is best partitioning scheme..?
    I use this:
    And rest goes to
    But I know this is not
    I need to do /var//tmp,/usr etc
    What are the constraints to keep a huge partition of 300GB on / .. will really a major problem with keeping a huge partition...
    If I keep it a huge one...dose fsck matters...? I know it will take time to check in case of improper shutdown...
    I need some feedback for partitioing a mail server and apache server...
    Thinking Different !!

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    Advantages to more partitions include:

    1) Corruption on one partition may not affect another.
    2) If the /var partition fills up, it won't bring down everything with it.

    That's mostly all I can think of. Good partition sizes depend on your application. What are you going to do with the server?

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    I usually recommend the following , but adjust depending on your server needs:

    I have to say /tmp partition is a must. Alot of scripts/hacks get in via /tmp and it is much easier to secure /tmp if it is it's own partition.

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