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    eNom web site hosting?

    Surprisingly I could not find anything about eNom's hosting with search, tons of info about their registrar service.

    Any comments?
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    Enom is mostly just domain registration
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    I think its probably like godaddy, use them for domain registration but nothing else.

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    Yes indeed, they have a great reputation as a domain registrar, but not such a ''bright'' one as a host ;-)

    Good luck in making your decision!

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    The general rule is don't buy your domains from your hosting comapny and don't buy hosting from your domain company. But eNom is a good company (as least as far as buying domains goes). I have many domains with them and their support has always been great.

    If you try them, report your experience back here so the next person that is interested in them will have something to go on.

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    eNom is a great way to go, but I too only use them for domain registration
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