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Thread: Automate cpanel

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    Automate cpanel


    I recently ordered a Reseller A account on with succes. I've got here full control over cpanel and WHM.

    For I'm a php-coder myself, I want to make a control panel myself for my customers, I also want to automate the registration and payment stuff, so I aint required when a new user wants to sign up for a site.

    The control panel is a secons priority, and the automation stuff first priority.

    Does anybody know/have a tutorial for me, on how I should/could do this?

    Thanks in advance,


    p.s. I didn't know where to place this thread, if it is placed wrong, please move it.

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    As far as automation goes there are a lot of programs that already do this, if you want to make your own maybe taking a look at what they can do will help, however I would imagine it would be time consuming to create your own.

    A good place to look for more information on this is the "Hosting Software and Control Panels" forum here on WHT.
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    yes, modernbill also automates cpanel
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