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    Have bad customers?

    I've been in the internet service business for 6 years now. I've owned three different companies and have had all different types of customers. I know that every hosting company gets some bad customers, customers that use too much cpu, too much memory or hard drive space or bw (for you unlimited hosts). Hosters that do those things cut into your profit.

    Dedicated Techinc Inc. would like to host those customers of yours.

    They are still your customers, your billing. The only thing that changes is that they are on our servers. We have round the clock network and server monitoring, nightly backups. This is not a reseller plan. This is a chance to get those types of over using customers off of your servers.

    How does this differ from resellers you might ask? Resellers will cancel your accounts for too much for over usage. We welcome it. Resellers offer you a one plan fits all kind of deal. We will customize a plan to fit you and your (bad) customer's needs. We work out a migration plan for seamless migration. Customers do not even know they are on another server.
    We monitor our servers around the clock to make sure every website is accessable and working.

    If you are interested or just want more information on how we do things feel free to email me at [email protected]

    Please note, that our web page is a normal webhosting page and does not have this information on it.

    Thank You

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    That sounds like a headache for one customer. How would you make money on this. What prices are you charging per account?
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    I was wondering the same thing... It sounds a little bit odd to me

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    Its not about just one customer. Sure you would offload your worst customer first, see how you like it and then offload more. There is a small setup fee based upon your setup. Its not a one size fits all solution. We analize your customer's plans and usage and give you a proposal based upon your needs. We spend alot of time customizing everything to the way you want it. The goal of it all is to get your customers that cost you more than your making and the customers that overload your servers off loaded to our servers.

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    I must be having a "dim" day because I don't get it!

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    Its quite simple, just bare with me a little bit here. If you have 10 customers with a certain plan and you charge them $10 each a month. Those 10 customers use more bandwidth/cpu/memory than all the rest of your customers. You could tell those customers they must stop using so much cpu/memory or they will have to find another host. Instead of dropping them as customers you move them over to my servers at a fraction of what they pay you. Doing this allows you to also put more customers on your servers, which don't use as many resources as those 10 customers. You still get them as happy customers and it costs you much less to have them as customers.

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    I just find it odd and funny that you quote them as "bad" customers. Just because they are able to use the resources a company has to offer isn't their fault. If their site generates a lot of bandwidth or requires a lot of storage space it doesn't mean they're "bad" customers.

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    Seeing as how Hosters with some financial depth would just setup another Server for these 'heavy resource usage Clients', one can only presume the offer is for those that don't have financial depth at the moment.

    With that said, keeping them as Clients but hosted on someone else's Server is a cost increase. Although a reduction of Server resources could be benefical, I don't see how a cost increase can be? There is also the matter of Nameservers being used. If no account is created on the Server(s) provided by TechnicGeek, how is anonymity protected and what is in place to prevent the Client from contacting TechnicGeek directly?

    It's an interesting proposal, but I think the market for this type of Service is very limited. None the less, all the best with it. - for all your Hosting needs
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    Thank you everyone for all your interests however before I can take anymore users I must add a few more servers.

    For the ones who question the market for this. It seems very popular as I am having to turn down customers right now.

    For those who are intersted, if you send me an email then I will contact you when we have more servers.

    Thank You

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