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    * need suggestion on web scripts.

    hi there, im fairly new to wht. didnt know such a big community exist here. glad to be here and i hope im welcome within. hope im not in the wrong forum.

    i need some suggestion on web scripts, im looking at something that can do something similar to " training - " could. the way i see it, its a script that has categories and a directory built within.

    it can be a cms or some simple scripts. i had came across mambo and drupal which has several components to extend its functionality. im not quite a php expert so im relying on the already available scripts to work with. mambo and drupal didnt really match the presentation and functionality of training - i know there might not be scripts that are totally identical compared but a close enough feature is yet better than nothing.

    i hope the community can suggest some insights in my pursuit for this out of the box solution to i would really much appreciate it. thank you for your time.


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    just curious, what keywords should i be looking for? im currently searching for "directory,php,indexing" on, didnt really help much...thanx again-

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