How Buying/Selling of A Web Hosting Business Works

Wandering how the process of buying or selling a hosing works? OR Are you looking to buy or sell your web hosting business?

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Here are some basic things that should be considered if you are in the market of buying or selling

Due Diligence **what does this mean**

Valuation - What is the business worth

Buyers Checklist - Things you should check before buying

Due Diligence Phase - What you do during this period

Financial Audit - Do the math

"Predicting the Future" - Are the clients going to stay?

Customer Payments - How will customers pay?

Customer Support - How are customers supported?

Things to Consider... - Things you need to think about

Marketing - This is often overlooked, but it is crucial for both buyers & sellers

Legal & Corporate Issues - Is this company a legal entity?

We also have valuation tips and a valuation spreadsheet for you to download for no charge.

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