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    web space required

    hello all,

    is there any good reliable webhosting company in india which offers good data transfer rates at nominal rates ?
    i wish to have 2 or 3 sites which will have 50mb linux space each and will need a maximum of 10gb data transfer per month.. [along with cpanel and mysql databases].

    I have checked with but they are charging 2000rs[ nearly 47 USD] just for 1 mysql database and they are charging 1500rs [38 USD] for 1 year.

    So if no servers at nominal rates are there in india can i know any other reliable servers in us which will server my purpose ?
    waiting to hear from all..
    thanks in advance..

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    What do you consider a "nominal" rate?

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    You should try searching some hosts and when you find a good one, if your site will be targeting India, ping the server and see what kind of response time you get. If it's good, no need searching for an Indian hosting company!

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    Try searching the forums, you might be able to find hosts in india. Good luck!
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    Depending on the servers and the network, you may not need to specifically host your site in india - as your browsers wont even notice the difference

    Good luck!

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    There are many many companies in the US that could fit you. All I can say is that I personally have had good experiences with such hosts as DreamHost, Site5, and Micfo.
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