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    Rules For Staff /MOD ???


    I would like to know if there is any Rules for the MOD/Staff i just need to know how to put a rules for the MOD/Staff in the site if there is any rules ready that i can read it .. i mean Staff Rules not members ?


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    I think the staff rule would be to moderate the posts everyday, and to report all trouble maker. You might have better luck pming a mod for the rule they have to follow.
    Why do you ask? Are you trying to become a mod? If I were you, I would post more and stay here for 2+ months before asking to become a mod.

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    Somewhere at has a "moderator manual" for download that outlines a bit about moderating but I found it not quite complete for my site, but it might help you... that site also has good ideas abotu administrating a forum (oh, and moderating).

    I think you're talking about your own site? "putting rules for mod/staff in the site"...

    Could you clarify?
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    I think the staff rule would be to moderate the posts everyday, and to report all trouble maker.
    I think their is more then 2 rules, if its anything like most forums you normally have to do a certain amount of posts a day too. but im not 100% sure on that one.

    just pm a mod im sure they will discuss this with you.

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    If you are wanting this for your own forum, you need to think of the general need for your own community. All forums are different and have different rules so your moderation staff would need to be considered regarding the rules you put in place. Don't just ask someone to be a mod so you can have a mod, they need to earn it and you need to know you can trust them enough in the position.

    In general, a *chosen* moderator should reflect the theme of your community. I have visited a couple of forums where I was investigating members here and the moderators were like a bunch of script kiddies.....that's fine if your forum is for script kiddies, but do you really need a mod calling someone a moron? Even if it is a script kiddy forum?

    Base their requirements and rules on the overall expectation of your own forum. perhaps if you can give us an idea what sort of forum you are running, we can better guide you
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    Yes i'am talking about My Own Forum

    i just open a forum a few week ago .. and i'am starting to let the mod join the site but i need to add some rules for them .. and i need to see the baisc or idea how to give the mod Rules

    my site is Forums i have Gaming /ChitChat/WebDesign this is so far we have know ..

    so i really would like to see if there is any MOD Rules That ready To Read and i can Modify it for my own .. and also give Credit if i use any part


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    That again depends on the market you are targetting and how professional (or not) you want to be. Don't add any mods until you have enough members to warrant it...well maybe one who isn't in the same time zone as you. Choose your moderators from active members, not advertise at another forum for mods. Only you can select them from how they participate on your forum. When you have enough members and a few mods in place, watch the mods and if they don't act like you would want, then draft some guidelines suitable for your forum. Mod/admin guidelines for all forums will be different. You need to base it on how you want your forum run.
    If you donít like the road youíre walking on, start paving a new one.

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    Only you can actually answer this question based on your users, limits and how much moderation you want.

    I keep my (fairly dead) forums within the rules I specified on-site. Here's a snippet of my "Site Management for Dummies" topic in my admin forum...

    Heres the general operations of the forums and site...

    General Forum:
    1. Do not under any circumstances *delete* a post. Move it to the Trash Bin and lock it. This will be identified as "Trashing". Do not create a "shadow" for the post.
    2. Trash all posts that blantantly violate rules.
    3. If circumstances warrant, utilize Rogue Admin, and do an .htaccess ban if necessary. Use your better judgement.
    4. Create a NPC account, and use it occasionally to post in the forums to help promote discussion.

    General Site Operations:
    1. Check the site periodically for odd issues. Unusual traffic, slow performance and such. Check the referers when necessary. If there is "Referer Spamming" visable, utilize Rogue Admin to ban that referer.
    2. Check Downloads, Web Links, and news stories submissions periodically. Concentrate carefully on Downloads and broken link reports. Edit the "broken downloads" and move them to the "Temporarily Offline" category.

    Rogue Admin Features:
    1. We'll no longer need to delete unactivated accounts, this will be picked up by the Rogue Admin software automatically.
    2. Monitor Rogue Admin actions once it goes live to ensure it performs properly.
    3. Review Ban requests, and attacks. If there are many attacks coming from a similar IP range, do a global ban and use the "use .htaccess ban" option to ban that IP. Note that the .htaccess ban is irreversable by the Rogue Admin software and will have to be removed manually.

    Passcode for Admin Login:

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    I admin a forum with close to 50K members. We don't have any set rules for moderators, their job is to enforce the general forum rules that are in place for everyone. Mods are chosen for their tenure, contributions and exemplary behavior as regular members.

    We have a private forum for mods/admins to discuss issues. Generally, new mods get some guidance and reminders (when you move a thread to a more appropriate forum leave the re-direct but if you move it to the trash remove it, if you lock a thread make a statement why by either posting in it or editing the last post if you don't want to bump it, etc.).

    One thing we are also concerned about is what I call "new mod syndrome" where they feel they have to do something/anything. New mods who go on power trips do not last. We also advise mods to take a fairly neutral stance and not get overly chummy with members or get into p*ssing matches with them.

    Because we are very selective and screen potential mods carefully, we have had a really good success rate. We also require our mods to be at least 18 (most are 25+) so that no one's parents will get upset if their innocent underaged child is exposed to inappropriate material, which can occasionally happen in a drive-by that they will need to help clean up. Frankly, I've seen enough g*atse and t*bgirl that I'm pretty immune to it, but I imagine some parents would get pretty upset if they walked into their 13-year-old's room and saw that on the screen for the first time. Older moderators also tend to demonstrate more maturity in dealing with members.

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