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    Can't access my domain from my computer

    I registered at godaddy 2 days ago. I hosted it with a respected company and waited for it to be activated. Well, I waited and waited and nothing happened. So, I had my friend host it. Still, it said the page couldn't be loaded. However, everyone else can access it, but i can't! My friend even added a picture to it. So...

    How come I can't access my own domain name?

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    Your domain is online and I can see files and folders on your webserver. When you change nameservers it is possible that it takes more than 2-4 days to propagate all over the internet. It has happened to me before and I was able to see my website 4-5 days later when my ISP finaly updated dns records and I was able to view my website again.

    Most probably just wait for a few days and you should be able to view your website meanwhile you can use an web proxy as an alternative to resolve your domain on your PC. A similar service is available here. [ We are online Since 2004! ]
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    Your domain is online. If you are surfing through a proxy server might that be the problem or as mentioned a problem with your host´s DNS servers.

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    why dont you make a ping in your computer.

    Go to DOS command prompt, and type ping

    c:\dos\ ping

    if you dont receive an answer, your ISP did not refresh the DNS tables yet.

    You can try to access your site using the IP

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    Another way to make sure it is your ISP go to and put your domain name in and hit GO if it comes up it is your ISP if not it is your Setting for your Domain name or your hosting provider

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    I also can access the domain means its active. I guess its the ISP cache / DNS issue.

    Check if you can see it via or not as adviced by Adnan.

    Alertra Report:

    Time (US/Eastern) Checked From Result KBytes Secs Kbps
    06/21/2005 14:17:39 Las Vegas USA OK 1.1 0.73 12.23
    06/21/2005 14:17:38 Oklahoma City USA OK 1.1 0.41 21.54
    06/21/2005 14:17:39 London UK OK 1.1 0.73 12.22
    06/21/2005 14:17:38 Atlanta USA OK 1.1 0.20 43.51
    06/21/2005 14:17:39 Frankfurt GERMANY OK 1.1 0.77 11.51
    06/21/2005 14:17:40 Hong Kong CHINA OK 1.1 1.72 5.17
    06/21/2005 14:17:38 Chicago USA OK 1.1 0.27 33.31
    06/21/2005 14:17:38 Orlando USA OK 1.1 0.32 27.54
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    I still can't access my site. I called godaddy and they told me this...

    Have my hoster change the A-record to the IP address.

    What does this mean, and what do I tell my hoster to do?

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    I'm in California on SBC DSL and your site is NOT accessible to me.

    DSLReports looks like your nameservers ( and are not responding for your website name. See:

    Basically the entire Domain Name System (DNS) works like a giant decoder ring. In a VERY simplified version of DNS, every computer hooked up to the internet has an IP address or number assigned to it (think of it as a telephone number). But we humans remember words better than numbers 1-800-FLOWERS is easier to remember than 1-800-356-9377. So when a person types in ( ) into their browser a series of actions result which look up the numerical IP address utlimately from the two nameservers that you told GoDaddy to report as your nameservers: ( and

    Apparently, these two nameservers are saying that they don't know your domain name "" or where to find it on the web (the IP address).

    GoDaddy is right. Your hosting service needs to either add your domain to those two reported nameservers with a corresponding A record (the numerical IP address of the server where your website is located) OR give you the correct nameserver names.

    The good news is that this is all solvable rather quickly with your host's help.
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    Congratulations! You site is coming up fine now and your nameserver settings look like they've been fixed.

    Best of luck with your venture.
    You may delay, but time will not. --- Benjamin Franklin

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