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    Hello..AVOID existhosting

    DO NOT SIGN UP WITH existhosting

    recently i have signed up with the above company!
    everything was looking good untill the signup completed,
    then started the problems, that they had serious problems with the DNS and Apache .. where my website configuration didnt get done..
    after many mails, with failures i opt out for a full refund 30 day money back guarantee (which they boasting in their site) within a week of the signup.. (my 1 year full hosting fee..)

    when i wanted to cancel the service in order to look for a another reliable host,then existhosting started showing their true face..
    and i was totally ignored,,, no refund was given.. and only i received a mail saying your account has been cancelled...

    now 3 months frok now on.. still they havent given my moneyback.
    and not replying to my emails...
    since i used paypal to pay for the hosting, due to this falls under service category, they cannot do anything about it.. sadly it seems i lost my money!

    what a host with this much dis-honesty..

    please guys DO NOT signup with these guys, they are cool talking untill they get your money, and you wont get a service.,
    tell your friends not to signup as well..

    my only intention is to make other aware of it, and not fall out of pocket...
    any queries please leave a message for me.

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    You're certainly not the only one in the same boat.
    Multiple other users are also experiencing the same issues you have, although the other threads discussing them have been closed off.

    Good luck with them, there isn't much you can do though.
    Perhaps you can give them a shout at their phone number:

    Administrative Contact:
    Cohen, Elazar
    2617 Lippe
    Montreal, Quebec H4R1L9

    (never know, could help if you haven't tried it yet)
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    yes, phone calls do give a "determined" expression and usually get the job done
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    Why would you pay for a year???

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    A large number of hosts support prepayment.
    I personally prepay for a year for some of the services I 'lease' so that I don't have to deal with paying it on a monthly or quarterly basis.

    Other than that - the majority of hosting is quite inexpensive so 50-100 dollars is much easier in one payment rather than a meager fee of 7 dollars a month.

    Nothing wrong with paying ahead, except for when you send your money to a host like the one mentioned earlier in the thread.
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    you can take a look at their called 'value bite' a yearly option i signedup for...
    but very annoyed and disapointed with the setups and lack of support, i had to chase them..
    and gave up at the end and i demanded the moneyback under their 30day moneyback guarantee..

    and its nearly 3 months..
    and i think i lost the whole year of hosting fee...

    well..the phonelines being answered by a 'computer'
    and never gets through to a customerservices.

    well..i just wanted to highlight this problem, and do not want anyone to fall foul with these guys!

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    Yes, I know, they also give you free domain when you pay for a year.

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    rohanman: I had the same problem with my previous hoster, than i switched to vps.

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    i am with powweb now..
    they are absolutely fantastic!!!

    live chatroom available with the rest of the powweb users & admin support there... one of the best guys i have landed with.

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    Which site(s) do you currently host with powweb?
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    Congrats with your new host rohanman, let us know how you get on with them in the coming months

    Good luck

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    Sorry to hear about your experience with existhosting, you should never have paid annually to begin with.

    Best of luck with powweb, and keep us up-to-date on how things turn out with them.

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    sadly it seems i lost my money!
    But you learned a very important lesson regarding purchasing services with paypal and paying them for a year in advance.

    Good luck with your new host! Let us know how things go with them.

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