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    $3000 per month profit

    I was just reading a thread where a guy was asking about how much he could sell his website for. I figure personally that a multiple of the monthly revenue is what they go for... but what number is that exactly? Is there a industry standard?

    Although, this is not a "serious sales thread" my curiousity makes me rise the question of how much one could receive for a website.

    One of my websites is earning about $3000/profit per month. After reading some posts on this forum it really seems like I could sell it for pretty high. What do website in this range go for, usually?

    I saw a website sell for 12 months profit, is that the standard or is it higher/lower?

    Thanks for any info or tips!
    p.s. Just looking for ballpark ideas, obviously there are no specifics in my post but I'm just looking to "get an idea" if that is possible.

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    12 months revenue is the norm these days, so it wouldn't be unreasonable to think the same for your site. In fact, I've seen posts by people looking to pay 15+ months revenue.

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    Well, like anything... it will sell for what someone is willing to pay.

    If you can find someone who is willing to pay 15 months profit for your business, then go for it.

    In our experience, we have purchased companies and paid between 6 to 12 months of NET PROFIT. Not gross.
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    6 - 12 months of revenue is the general price for a website.

    Will you tell the URL of the site?

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    I do personally think that you should sell it for at least 15+ month of net profit.

    It all depends on the domain name as well
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    Depends on the situation.

    -revenue source

    I can see some sites going for only a few months revenue if there are legal issues and such and there is high risk. However, stable, low maintainence sites could go for up to 10 years to a serious buyer.
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    We have found that the value of a site depends on a various array of factors.

    1) Originality - If it is just a CPanel or Plesk, etc. hosting site then the originality is not there and you just wiped out your "unique" factor.

    2) The domain name itself..... Sometimes you can get a lot just with your domain name.

    3) Profitability / Revenue

    4) Maintenance - how much maintenance is required (man hours to per month) to keep current subscription base happy.

    5) If you do charge for your usage then your renewal rate is also important.

    6) If you make money from advertising then the traffic patterns in the last 12 months are taken into the equation. Such as what countried / type of users your site draws.

    7) Rate of growth. How fast your susbscription base (if any) is growing.

    Some X-factors that we have found are:
    a) patents (if any)
    b) how long your site had been in operation
    c) if your site is developed from scratch then the code documentation is important
    d) if your site is deleveped from scratch then a good data model always helps

    Wasn't is great in the years (pre 2001) when you only needed a domain name to go public and make millions?
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    Wow.. never expected this kind of response!

    I guess the next question and obstacle is figuring out how/where to sell websites? Do most of you use brokers or do you post them on related "sales" websites that have to do with the sites topic?

    Do any big sales happen right here on webhostingtalk?

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    if u get 1-3 years thats good, 3-5 GREAT 5-8 PREFECTION , anything more than that is a steal
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    Tiggee is correct in that every existing business needs to be examined up close to see what opportunities and threats it has - what postives and negatives it brings to the negotiating table.

    Generally, however, as a very, very rough rule of thumb, most businesses are sold for around 12 months of revenues. Whether this is net or gross profits depends upon the industry. For a complete, profitable, ongoing website you can probably expect between 6 and 18 months of NET REVENUE as a selling price. This assumes no valuable patents, great technological advantages, or exceptional trademarks.
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    Everything depends on the particular website and business. Some businesses have higher value some lower.
    If you are talking about a wenhosting company, 3-12 months of revenue is used a lot especially here on WHT.
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    I disagree with some of the information given above. 12 months of revenue is not the industry standard anymore. It's about 24 months of revenue. However, websites with a lower quality often sell for less than that and good websites with content, etc. or domains with a very good income even sell for 3 to 5 years. People have experienced that domains are a good and a quite safe investment, so today they're willing to spend more money per domain. Don't sell your website too cheap. $3,000 per month is great. Therefore I wouldn't sell the website for less than $75,000, which is a bit more than 2 years' revenue. After all I wish you good luck with selling it!
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