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    Nameservers, IPs and Registrars, oh my!

    ok, have a new box just setup running RH 3E and currently one IP address. Evidently my DNS is configured as a caching server. All of my domains are registered at opensrs which doesn't allow for foreign nameservers. So, when I change the nameservers for my domain, I have to create names like, for the first domain, and of course, for the second. All point to the same IP address.

    First newbie question - should I have more than one IP address on the server? should I have 2 and have point to one and point to the second.

    Second question, should I move away from opensrs and go somewhere else (like enom?) where I don't have to specify nameservers that derive from the domain name registered at opensrs. Can I have a nameserver on my machine that answers for all the domains that are currently hosted on it?

    Third? caching nameserver ok in my case?

    Nope, don't know much about DNS

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    I think you should have more than 1 IP address on a server.

    As for your nameservers you should have 2 nameservers and incase if one fails the other one will operate.

    As for enom, I have used enom for over a year and they have been great.

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